M.M.H. is a textile designer, design researcher and sound artist based in
western New York. His visual vernacular stems from a mix of comic books,
B-movie special effects, graph theory, B-movie VHS covers, crystallography, 
baseball card designs, pareidolia, and radical cartography. Textile patterning,
graphic design and Op-Art converge with his personal lexicon of techniques which
can be seen in both his sound and visual work. In 2017 during the culmination of
research for his MFA thesis in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University,
Michael coined the term, "3C" which now represents his work as channeled through
the fields of combinatorics, crystallography and cybernetics. His work has been
featured in and published through: Fab, ZOO YORK/New York Skateboards, SF Weekly, 
Shout NY, De:Bug, The WIRE, Final Cut Pro 4: The Art of Filmmaking, Tokion, BLOCK,
XLR8R and Giant Robot among others.

He is always open to collaborating with like-minded artists; and is available for
design consultation, freelance projects and commissions.

mykola (at) michaelmykolahaleta (dot) com

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