Michael Mykola Haleta is an educator, optical artist, textile designer, graphic designer, and noise/sound artist. His visual vernacular stems from a mix of cybernetics, pareidolia, apophenia, B-movie special effects, combinatorics (graph theory), B-movie VHS covers, microchip design and crystallography. Textile patterning, graphic design and Op-Art converge with his personal lexicon of techniques which can be seen in both his sound, performance and visual work. Michael’s work has been featured in Zoo York/New York Skateboards, SF Weekly, Shout NY, De:Bug, The WIRE, Final Cut Pro 4: The Art of Filmmaking, Tokion, BLOCK, XLR8R and Giant Robot among others.

Michael Mykola Haleta has a BFA from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) where he studied graphic design with Ellen Lupton, J. Abbott Miller, Linda van Deursen, Armand Mevis, Whitney Sherman, Andy Cruz, Ken Barber, and Philippe Apeloig. In 2017 he received an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY.

Haleta’s audio compositions and performance projects have been performed and presented nationally and internationally at festivals, galleries, and institutes including: Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany; London Contemporary Music Festival, London, UK, SXSW, Austin, Texas; Issue Project Room, NY, NY, Whitney Museum Graduate Program, NY, NY; Under Bron, Stockholm, Sweden; Roulette, NY, NY; Blue Room, Washington, DC; Open Video Projects, Rome, Italy; Endtymes Festival of Noise, NY, NY; Ottobar, Baltimore, MD; and Transmissions Festival, Chicago, IL among others.

Mykola is currently an assistant professor in the Digital Media and Animation department at Alfred State, the State University of New York College of Technology in Alfred, NY. He also runs Open Pop/RSE (Raw Special Effects) publishing press and is in a band called, “Locked Box”.   

I am obsessed with patterning systems.  I care equally for formal arrangements of color and shape as I do for matters of human behavior. In particular, the cyclical pathways of life within a landscape have long captured my attention. As individuals travel, by foot, by car, or by bus, they create circuitous loops–and almost always return to an origin point. My work is a process of layering these various looping systems of activity onto one another. Each piece starts with a grid-based system formed by a simple mathematical relationship. As layers are added over time, the resulting configurations mutate, and expose emergent structures. Variations in texture and detail arise giving a sense of unpredictability to the construction of these pieces. I operate each piece as a game or a simple algorithm. It informs me what to do next as I interact with its many layers. Once the many different layers begin to interconnect over time, the connection points between layers become corrupt or used and mark the end of the piece. Repeat. 

Always open to collaborating with like-minded artists; and is available for
design consultation, freelance projects and commissions.

mykola (at) michaelmykolahaleta (dot) com

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